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SMEs are one of the most decisive economic elements of the country's economies. The fact that SMEs transform their small capital into investments, provide employment and create added value reveals the importance of SMEs. The economic assets of these enterprises, which are of great importance for the economies of the country, need to be protected and improved. Especially solving financial problems, providing qualified personnel, eliminating organizational problems, gaining competitive advantages, etc. SMEs should be encouraged and supported in such matters. providing incentives to SMEs in Turkey with Labor and the place it has been given to supporting institutions. Information about the type, content, scope and features of the incentives and supports provided by these institutions has been provided. The purpose of this study; It is a collective demonstration of where, when and how SMEs can get support and assistance. The current evaluations have been made taking into account the results of previous academic research. public institutions and organizations in Turkey, professional organizations, private institutions, nongovernmental organizations, technical assistance and consulting service providers, international organizations, has been shown to local agencies and other organizations to provide support and incentives to SMEs. It has been determined by these organizations that SMEs are provided with financing, investment, R&D, market, employment, information, consultancy, training and support for unfinished investments.

SMEs, Supporting SMEs, Encouraging SMEs.