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The Holwood film industry is an important resource for drama films. In addition to creating meaning, cinematic elements such as subject, narration and fiction in drama films; It is clear that artistic elements that reinforce the image and meaning are as important as the dramatic structure of the film. Costume design, which is among the artistic elements, is also an important element that creates, determines, changes the atmosphere in the film and ensures that the characters are close to reality. Since the costumes in the movies produced in the drama genre are as effective as the movie, they have also affected the sectors that are thought to be closely related. It is clear that fashion, music, textile, clothing, space design, as well as shoes, bags, hair, accessories have the potential to establish, influence and reform a new lifestyle. The costumes that identify with the character also influence the viewer and trigger the commercial sector. This newly formed sector seeps into living spaces as a proof that the film does not end in cinema and continues in life. In this paper, Pulp Fiction movie costumes, symbolic meanings and effects on the characters, directed by Quentin Tarantino in 1994, which is one of the genre examples of Holwwod Cinema Drama Film, will be revealed. And also; Affected areas outside the cinema sector will be determined through examples.

Drama Genre Cinema, Pulp Fiction (Pulp Fiction), Costume.