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Internet is an important field of commerce today. Online trade use has been increased lately in the food sector. Researches regarding online food commerce will shed light into the market and help to gain future perspectives. The aim of this study is to reveal data related to enterprises performing electronic food business in Kahramanmaras province. In this context, the enterprises performing electronic food business was culled out from the firms registered in the Kahramanmaras Industry and Trade Chamber and then a querry was conducted with the directors of the enterprises. Nine enterprises in total accepted to enlist into the study. It is found out that most of these enterprises are individual or family enterprises and have been in the food sector for more than 10 years. Most of the sale of the enterprises are below 50.000 TL and occurs nationally. Most of the sales are retails and ratio of enterprises having cold chain system is 33%. All enterprises have web applications and the ratio of firms using their own software is 44%. Most of the enterprises have electronic bulletin application and more than half of the enterprises have happy consumer line and promotion applications. The food products that the enterprises sell through internet are regional food, dry food and dairy products. Most enterprises report that mean cart value is 42 TL and above. Food sale of firms in Kahramnmaras via internet is not at a desirable level, however some attempts have been seen. Among the competition based current trade conditions, the enterprises should adapt themselves electronic commerce applications in food sector.

Electronic commerce, food sector, Kahramanmaras