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When you think of music, melody or rhythm always comes to mind. The science that deals with the positive or negative effects of music on people is called "Music Therapy" today. The use of music as a healing tool dates back to centuries ago civilizations. Drums were also used by shamans for healing. In the Asclepion, which is open to visitors in Bergama on our land, music was applied as a planned treatment method to relieve the discomfort of the people who came to the temple. Hospitals in the Seljuks and Ottomans are places where permanent music workers use music as an important tool in the elimination of diseases. The documents that have survived to the present day and the centers used as museums prove the work done at that time. In our country, Music Therapy Certificate Programs approved by the Ministry of Health have been opened for the last 3 years. Various researches in the field show continuity. Articles, theses and books on Music Therapy are increasing day by day. Apart from the branches that music students will specialize in, there are also courses that they take collectively. Form Analysis is one of the most important lessons to be learned after the Harmony lesson in the analysis of scores. In this course, detailed analysis is made on the form in which the composer wrote the piece. This course is taught at Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Music and Performing Arts, Department of Music Ensembles. In one of the two separate semesters in which this course was taught, a short-term Music Therapy application was made before each lesson. Applied music therapy was done both actively and passively. The students' first semester and second semester final grades were compared and a positive difference was obtained. Due to the small sample size of the study, no statistically significant relationship could be found, but it is thought that the study will form a basis for further studies.

Music Therapy, Music Education, Form Analysis, Final, Graduate Student