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Clown capitalism is a system of systematic favor and corruption created in the country's market by the cooperation of business people and public officials. This order is based on a two-way interest relationship. While business people get rent, politicians get financial and political support. Government officials can choose business people to give concessions, or otherwise. In other words, business people can establish the order that will work for them by financing politics. In economies where this system is preferred, corruption, tax evasion, bribery, corruption and nepotism become more and more common and systematic. As a natural result of this, the country starts to be governed according to plutocracy or kleptocracy, not democracy and meritocracy. In order to prevent such practices, first of all, the rule of law should be protected by establishing a constitutional order that is auditable, transparent, embodies ethical and moral values and applies equally to everyone. Although there is crony capitalism in Turkey, its level is a matter of debate. However, considering the data of national (Transparency International) and international organizations (FATF, Oxfam, Transparency International, etc.), it is seen that there are many steps to be taken in terms of democracy, law, transparency, independence of institutions, freedoms and justice.

Cup-Sergeant Capıtalısm, Nepotism, Turkey, Rent