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Sezai Karakoc (1933 – 2021) was one of the well-known, influential and respected figures of the Turkish literary and thought world. The deceased writer, who we lost in 2021, gave public speeches and gave various conferences in the 1990s. Karakoc turned these speeches and conferences into a three-volume book series, which he called “The Way Out” at a later date. Among the themes that immediately stand out in his speeches and conferences, there is also the issue of the state. Issue of the state is handled here, rather, accompanied by issues such as civilization; Islamic civilization, Islamic nation, Turkish nation and both other Islamic states and Turkish states in the past. It should also be said that the sensitivity to focus on these issues has been an ongoing issue in Sezai Karakoc since the 1950s. The purpose of this study is to examine the manner in which Karakoc addressed the state issue in his public speeches and conferences. Documentary research approach has been adopted as a method in the study. A qualitative rather than quantitaive technique was followed. It is foreseen that the findings that will emerge will be the findings that will make it possible to understand Karakoc’s thinking aspect more clearly. It is also expected that these findings related to the state will encourage studies in other academic fields such as political science, sociology and Turkish thought historiograpny.

Sezai Karakoc, Islamic Civilization, Nation, Turk/Turkey, State