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Object Oriented Programming (Object Oriented Programming) is a software programming philosophy. Today it is supported by many programming languages. The number of lines of sotware applications written before the NYP approach was increasing day by day and the maintenance under the support was becoming more difficult. The software has a dynamically growing structure. Therefore, it is necessary to allocate a cost for the support after the production of the software. This approach, which emerged in the late 1960s, has been used for many years. It is still used today. It has made the complexity of the software and the renewal processes we call support easier. It has enabled the software to be developed more safely. Approaching to the software with an approach based on object logic in daily life, this philosophy has led to the formation of more understandable codes. It also has techniques that enable multiple programmers to work on the same project within a team work. It has reduced the repeated repetition of the same codes. The software has a modular structure. It has led to the growing but uncomplicated lines of software. In this study, the importance of object oriented programming concept will be emphasized. Methods of using NYP techniques on Python programming language will be explained

Python, Oop, Class, Object