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The concept of "PERSONALITY", which is shown as one of the basic concepts of accounting, and which family businesses have been in trouble for recently; He argues that businesses basically have a different personality from business partners and that partners and managers should act independently of each other with a professional management approach. This term, which is defined as institutionalization, is also seen as being a brand and gaining people's sense of trust. As a result of rapidly developing trade, economic and technological developments, businesses have adopted themselves rather than ordinary customers and have started to get customers who have accepted everything. This mentality of businesses has also led to the effective start of the branding process in terms of distinguishing itself from other products. The concept of brand, which is defined in many places as a sign made with pictures or letters; They are special signs consisting of symbols, pictures or letter and letter groups, which are created with the intention and effort to promote any commercial product and distinguish it from other products and accepted by customers. Branding in electronic commerce, which has become an indispensable part of recent times with the definition and historical development of the concept of brand, has been the main subject of this study and has been tried to be examined. It has been focused on how it triggers branding awareness in mobile phones

Brand, Institutionalization, Institutionalization Studies