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Analyzing Influence of Smoking and Alcohol Drinking Behaviors on Body Type with Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Data Mining Techniques

Smoking and drinking alcohol have been some of the behaviors that occurs in different individuals, groups and societies for centuries. Usage of tobacco and alcohol by human beings date back to old decades which is a form of behavior that is seen in many societies, geographies and cultures. There are numerous studies that highlight the risks and dangers associated with smoking and excessive and long term usage of alcohol. Despite the several negative consequences associated with excessive and long term usage of alcohol, there are some studies highlighting and citing benefits of alcohol usage in limited and moderate levels in literature. In this study several body types of individuals have been analyzed with their alcohol and cigarette consumption behavioral patterns by using deep learning, machine learning and data mining approaches with the aim of providing insights for leaders and society at large.

Smoking Alcohol Consumption Public Health Behavior Theory Deep Learning Data Mining Machine Learning