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Environmental Graphic Designs And University Buildings Interior Implementations

The utilazition areas of environmental design are shopping malls, clinics, hospital, university campus, and metro services. Environmental graphic designs applied in the public space are decided according to the identity of the space and what kind of message the applied space is intended to convey to those who use that space. Since university buildings are structures that are specialized in different fields, faculties can create designs that are suitable for their own science fields, and institutes can create designs that cover many fields of science. The design was applied to the interior surface of the graphic, the design of which was created with the application made by the international office to the faculty of art and design of Yalova University. The aim of the study is to examine the effects of environmental graphics on people indoors. Within the scope of the study, the definition of environmental graphic design was made. A literature search of graphic design applications in the public domain was made. Examples of graphic works applied in university buildings were examined. An application was made on the wall surface of the international office at Yalova University.

Design, Environmental Design,Interior Design.