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The problem of knowledge is one of the main issues that thinkers have been interested in throughout history. Many issues such as the possibility, resources and value of the correct information have been discussed and evaluated throughout the history of thought. Philosophical and religious disciplines are divided into different groups based on their answers to these questions. Aside from the sophists who emerged in Ancient Greece, almost everyone accepted that correct information as possible. However, some differences emerged at the point of source of information. Similar discussions have been made about the source of true knowledge in the Islamic tradition of thought. Philosophers are based on reason in acquiring knowledge, while theologians put nass (revelation) besides reason. At this point, in addition to accepting Sufism discipline from the epistemological point of view of reason and senses as a source of knowledge, he claimed that correct information about the metaphysical field is possible only with the kashf (unveiling). According to the Sufis, the kashf consists of the meanings that God directly throws into the heart of people as a result of the dissolution of the ego and cleaning the heart.

Ibn Arabi, Knowledge, Reason, Senses, Kashf