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Space enables people to define themselves at a certain point on earth. In functional terms, it is the area that provides protection and maintains life requirements. With all these inclusive features, space is also identified with its borders and the details that it is composed off. Today's living spaces are equipped with types of furniture which are designed for human service. Furniture is generally submitted to the public with the usage of mass production of variable designs. It is also common to use custom design furniture for the personalization of the space. In this study, by the demand of an Antalya construction company that applied to the Revolving Fund of Akdeniz University Faculty of Architecture, a mini furniture set designed. The company requested for seating series design to be used on the terrace of their sample apartment. It was requested that the seating series be compact and designed with simple integrity. The Strata series was designed according to this request. The series is designed with rhythmic movements in itself. It is not engaged with any movement other than these rhythms. Strata series consists of a double, a single sofa and a coffee table design. Considering the suitability of the design to the spirit and its manufacturing, the use of the birch tree was preferred. CNC milling and routers machines were used during the manufacturing stage of this furniture.

Revolving Fund, Furniture, Furniture Design, Custom Design, Strata