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A Encouraging Method For Citizen Participation In Public Service Providing: Rewarding

Throughout the historical process, in consequence of not being able to fulfill the duties for the requirement of living together, people have needed to be organized and established a state. One of the fundamental purposes of establishment of a state is to administer public services. In other words, a state has primary responsibility to perform public services. All the same, following to emergence of modern states, it is possible to express that private sector and non-governmental organizations have begun take part in performing public services as well. Undoubtedly, one of the main objectives for fulfillment of public services is to accomplish the needs of the citizens. With the developing technology and changing social life, the citizens’ needs and their expectations from public services have changed and increased. At this point, citizens can also take part in process of fulfillment of public services as a separate actor in terms of meeting their expectations and needs. It is possible that this obligation of participation for public services can occur in the nature of civic duty or social responsibility as well as providing gains to citizens. These gains can be financial or they can be obtained by non-financial values as well. In this study, the rewarding procedure for citizens participating public services is proposed as an alternative method.

Public service, public sector, citizen, encouragement, rewarding