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The development of the art movements after 1960s and the attitude of the movements against each other have gradually led to the development of art. In the course of the development of art, new and different searches will move art to the extreme. Therefore, movements such as Fauvism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism and Dadaism have not been able to progress but have succeeded in influencing the next movements. The fact that the 20th century art history has become a century of new search is a very important step for the future understanding of art and after the second half of the century it has been dominated by the culture of Modernism. These acceptances initiated the period of contemporary art. The artist has now admitted that he should get rid of any hegemony a particular mentality and art should be independent and he has proved that art is diverse and universal. The limitation in art has gradually disappeared in the course of the reaction of the movements and in the post-modern time, the variety of materials and the scope of art has expanded considerably

Fauvism Art, Art movements, Cubism, Dadaism