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Art has been manifested as an expression of an emotion, an event, or internalized desires to people in every period since its emergence, and presenting them with imagination by assimilating them in their inner world. Especially when we talk about the most important guiding and defining features of art in social and cultural structure, we can see that art has come up with a different structure in the last century. It is seen that the works or products created by worrying about the rapid consumption and the needs of the society that increased after the 20th century evolved the art. In this study; In all fields of art, the "Kiç art" that artists and art lovers put forward especially in Greenberg's Avant Garde essay was examined. In this line, “What is Kiç art? Did popular art approaches corrupt art? and “did art is being anti-elitized? ”questions will be tried to be answered. In addition in the research, “art for art” and “art is for society” judgments will be evaluated and theoretically the concept of “Kiçi” “Knowing” will be examined within the framework of anti-elitist approaches

Kiç, 20th Century Art, Anti-Eliteist, Avant Garde